All SaintsAll Saints’, Mattersey & Mattersey Thorpe

A grant of £2,500 was awarded to us by Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust in January 2009 as a contribution towards the repair of the south aisle roof of our church. For the last three years, water has been seeping in from the parapet gutter and has damaged the interior south wall, causing the lime and horse hair plaster, renewed only a few years ago, to blister and flake. The work to renew the parapet gutter was becoming urgent, but the estimate for the repairs was £12,500. We had accrued some money in our Fabric Fund, but still had a large shortfall.

The grant from Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust enabled us to direct the contractor to begin work on the repair of the roof. The work was completed in just two weeks, and we hope that the warm summer months ahead will allow the very damp interior wall to dry out. The grant we received was a great boost to our Roof Repair Fund, encouraging us to go ahead with the repairs, and finally make our church, at least on the south side, weatherproof. We take great pride in our mediaeval church, but the cost of maintaining it is a great drain on our resources. The worshipping members of our community contribute to the Fabric Fund with many fund raising activities, but were becoming disconsolate when the target to repair the roof seemed unachievable and another winter was upon us, meaning yet more water damage to the interior south wall. We are so grateful for the grant from Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust in enabling us to repair the parapet gutters, and thus stop rainwater entering the church.

Lyndis Rowley,
Lay Reader to the Benefice


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