Chairman’s report for 2014/15

I am pleased to report that 2014/15 has again been a successful year for the Trust.

The reason for the Trust’s existence is the raising of money to help support the maintenance and repair
of historic Christian churches in Nottinghamshire and that is what the trustees have focused upon during
the year.

Funds have been generated by the efforts of Maureen Hallam, the Trust’s fundraiser, concentrating on
those charitable trusts whose remit covers support for organisations such as NHCT, and by the significant
sums being produced as a result of many individuals cycling or walking to visit churches during the annual
Ride+Stride day in September. The event could not be so successful without excellent organization and
it is to Keith Goodman that the trustees have once again turned for help. Without Maureen and Keith,
the Trust would be nothing like as successful.

On the other side of the coin, the Grants Committee have once again, under the stewardship of its
Chairman, Graeme Renton, spent the Trust’s funds on many worthy projects helping to preserve
Nottinghamshire’s wonderful heritage of churches. After the departure of Linda Francis as Grants
Administrator, the committee was helped for all too short a time by Peta Keightley, but for some months
now it has been lucky enough to be supported by the able secretarial skills of Margaret Lowe.

Alongside those primary activities, the Trust has enjoyed its usual round of events. June 2015 saw the
annual Summer Party, with Michael Hall speaking about the Victorian architect, G.F. Bodley, in one of
his greatest creations, Clumber Chapel, following refreshment in the restored Walled Kitchen Garden
and a recital by Stephen Carey on the magnificent Chapel organ.

Visits by the Friends of the Trust took place to various churches in the County and proved to be “sell out”
successes on each occasion. I warmly thank my fellow trustees for their leadership of these visits and the
knowledge they share so enthusiastically with the Friends. Throughout, Anthea Moat has operated with
the efficiency and dedication the trustees have come to rely upon, and I personally would like to thank
her for her continuing support as Secretary to the Trust.

I attended the Churches Trusts’ Conference at Winchester in April, as well as other NHCT events,
including Friends’ visits and those to mark the completion of the restoration of the Evelyn Gibbs murals
at Bilborough and the Comper organ doors at Egmanton, both projects having received grants from the

All the trustees were sad to say goodbye to Peter Hoare upon his retirement as a trustee on moving away
from the area. Keith Goodman is soon to retire as Treasurer, too, and the words “a difficult act to follow”
will never have been more justifiably used than when he steps down from that role. In addition to those
two resignations, Jenny Mellors retired as President. Jenny has been deeply involved in the Trust since
its inception, and her name has become synonymous with it. Thankfully, she will remain as a trustee, as
will Keith, so the Trust will continue to have their wise counsel for many years yet. As President to succeed
Jenny, the trustees have been lucky enough to be able to persuade David Atkins to agree to take over as
her successor. I very much look forward to working with him.

These departures lead me to finish by once more repeating the trustees’ hope that we can encourage
younger people to become involved with the Trust, in order to continue the work that has already been
undertaken by those particularly mentioned above. Once again, I would like to express my thanks to
them, and to all their colleagues who so freely give of their time and considerable expert knowledge to
further the aims of the Trust.

Richard Brackenbury

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