Chairman’s Report for 2015/16

Writing the Annual Report usually starts with a look at what I said the year before, which is a salutary
exercise since the same themes crop up year on year. The Annual General Meeting usually takes
place at about the same time as the Ride+Stride event, and I can now report that just over £20,000
was shared between the Trust and participating churches, raised by riders and striders on
12 September 2015. The Ride+Stride is a distillation of what the Trust is about in engaging as wide
a group of people as possible to help raise funds so that the Trust can support our historic churches.
During the year since the AGM in 2015 the Trust has continued to give grants to large numbers of
churches and chapels in Nottinghamshire, whilst at the other end of the scale, it continues to raise
funds in addition to those received from the Ride+Stride. This fundraising process involves a number
of people who give unstintingly of their time. Keith Goodman assumed responsibility for the
Ride+Stride virtually single-handed. Maureen Hallam continues her sterling work as a raiser of funds
from outside sources, and the Grants Committee, strongly supported by Margaret Lowe, has expertly
carried out the core work of the Trust.

The Marketing Committee has had some success in raising the Trust’s profile and has started dipping
its toe into the world of social media. It had high hopes of launching its first children’s concert as a
precursor to a series of concerts but, disappointingly, a lack of support at an already busy time of
year meant that it did not go ahead. However, I am still of the view that the Trust should be aligning
itself with the musical life of the County and the intention is to continue efforts in this area.
In many respects the highlight of the social activity of the Trust was the Summer Party, held this year
at The Hall, Carlton-on-Trent, at the kind invitation of Mr and Mrs George Vere-Laurie. Following
drinks and refreshment in the garden, The Lord Cormack spoke to the gathering in the village church
about his love of ancient churches; in his political life, he had been a superb advocate for the heritage
sector. The Friends of the Trust go from strength to strength and enjoyed several visits to churches
in the County during the year.

I attended an event in Leicester jointly organised by the Leicestershire Historic Churches Trust and
the National Churches Trust, focusing on Edward lll, and I represented the Trust at the Annual
Churches Trusts’ Conference in York, as well as making representations to various
organisations within Nottinghamshire.

None of the above would be possible without the finances being in order, a task now undertaken by
the new Treasurer, Jon Dawson. I hope he is settling into the role and finding his way round
the intricacies of the Trust’s finances. Enormous thanks go to Keith Goodman for his 15 years as
Treasurer, and I am delighted that we will continue to benefit from his wisdom and experience as a
Trustee. I give my particular thanks to the Trust’s Secretary, Anthea Moat, who continues to carry
out her role with superb efficiency.

There is so much more that could be done to promote the Trust, but there is a real need for
pro-active people to come forward in order to raise this work onto the next level. We are making
tentative steps to move on this, and I hope to be able to report more favourably in a year’s time.
All in all, the Trust is in good shape and continues to honour its commitment to help our historic
churches keep in repair for future generations to enjoy.

Richard Brackenbury

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