Alarming churches against lead theft: joint grants available (Allchurches Trust and NHCT)

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The horrifying spate of thefts of lead from the roofs of our county’s churches has prompted NHCT to agree to administer a grant from Allchurches Trust, who are offering £1,000 towards the fitting of roof alarms. Such applications might also be considered for a grant from NHCT for associated work, thus helping churches to protect their roofs from such dire acts of destruction. The Allchurches Trust grant requires PCCs to install an alarm approved by their insurers, and to agree to maintain it for a minimum of five years, and all normal permissions must be in place. If you have lead on your church roof we would urge you to seriously consider installing an alarm system urgently. This epidemic appears to be on-going in waves across the country, and is causing some of our historic church buildings to require urgent and expensive repair, putting enormous pressure on the local community. For further information and help, please contact NHCT’s Grants Administrator, Margaret Lowe, on 07757 800 919 or