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RIDE+STRIDE in Nottinghamshire 2020 will take place on 12th September.

Latest news

The Revd Canon Phil Williams, Archdeacon of Nottingham, has stated that he is happy for churches to participate in the Ride & Stride event. Each church is working though a risk assessment at present and he anticipates that churches should be able to join in the Ride & Stride in September unless there is another lockdown.

Prize-winning churches of RIDE + STRIDE 2019

Your continued support of the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust is paramount to its success. A big thank you to all concerned.

We all have had our share of cancellations due to the present pandemic.

The annual get together at Winkburn Hall, which I know many of you enjoyed, was cancelled – this is normally the time and place when the prizes are given out to the various churches whose efforts in obtaining sponsors was outstanding. For 2019 these are as follows:

St. John the Baptist, East Markham £ 1,613.00
St. Giles, Balderton £ 1,334.00
St. Giles, Edingley £ 1,055.00

(Christ Church Chilwell just missing out with £ 1,015)

The Riders points go to:

St. John’s Methodist Carlton 163 (Mike Woolley)
St. John’s, Colston Bassett 141 (Nick Perry)
All Saints, Coddington 136 (Tracy & Chris Hickman)
Methodist Church, West Bridgford 121 (John DeBoer)

The above prize monies will be forwarded in due course to each Church – thank you again for all your effort.

Unfortunately this year and the Ride & Stride has had to be drastically slimmed down – but all being well it will take place. Don’t forget the One Off photograph Competition for 2020 with prizes to be won.


RIDE+STRIDE 2020 documents


The Ride & Stride event this year is on the 12th of September to raise money both for the Trust and for the participating churches, with half of the sponsorship money going to each.  This year, with the churches closed for so long it is even more important.  Churches have lost income from services and other fundraising events and buildings deteriorate when not in use.  The Ride & Stride is key to enabling the Trust to continue to give grants to churches and chapels for the care of their buildings, which are so important in the lives of our towns and villages.

This year things will be different

The objective is still to visit as many churches and chapels as you can to obtain sponsorship for your efforts.  However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Churches may not be open nor anyone to welcome you
  • There will be no refreshments
  • Toilets may not be available
  • Sign the register of visitors and sign your own sponsor form
  • Take your own pen – Don’t worry if there is no register
  • You might want to take a photo to show where you have visited

Any participant can create a page on Just Giving and use email or social media to encourage friends and relatives to sponsor their efforts.

Folk of all ages are encouraged to take part but do be aware of personal safety and take appropriate care.

  • Follow Government guidance on Covid-19, extant at the time
  • If you enter a church, touch as little as possible
  • Take hand sanitiser
  • Take your own refreshments
  • Remember the Highway Code
  • Use off road routes where possible

Stay safe and enjoy the day

For any further information email: info.nhct@nhct.com


Firstly a big thank you to those churches who took part last year – and to those who managed to return their paperwork well done – BUT if you did forget to send in your return it’s never too late to contribute.

Refunds are now in the process of being dealt with. To those churches who requested no refund a big thank you is extended.

All the monies raised goes towards the upkeep of our historic churches, chapels and meeting houses which helps them to survive. Roofs leak, ancient timbers rot and medieval stonework crumbling all need attention.

On the right is a picture from last year’s event, featuring a brother and sister riding – as they do each year – on their very old tandem – they are not affiliated to any church – they just love doing it for fun.

Ride + Stride held second Saturday in September is an event for people of faith and people of no faith. It is for long-time members of a congregation and also families who have never been to church but just want to do something fun.

Let’s hope that the weather is as kind as last year for this year’s event – to be held again on second Saturday in September – the details will follow later.

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