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Ride+Stride 2017 in Nottinghamshire

The Ride+Stride event this year will take place on Saturday, 9 September.  This is one of our main fundraising events each year, when cyclists and walkers are sponsored to visit churches, and church welcomers are also sponsored to sit in the church and receive visitors.  The money raised is shared between the churches taking part and NHCT, making it a win-win event.  Many churches take advantage of the publicity of the Ride+Stride and Heritage Open Weekend to open up their church to local people and show them what goes on.

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Report on Ride+Stride 2016 in Nottinghamshire

A group of riders at St. John’s church, Beeston.

The Ride+Stride this year took place on the 10th September. Unfortunately, heavy rain throughout the day meant that riders and striders got very wet. Those that I met during the day were cheerful in spite of the weather and very, very appreciative of those churches that were open and providing them with much needed sustenance and encouragement. Well done to all who took part-whether cyclists, walkers, welcomers and caterers.

This year the amount raised through sponsorship was £15,366. Gift Aid received was £3,262 making a total overall of £18,628. This was slightly lower than last year’s figure of just over £20,000. Half of the amount raised through sponsorship was returned to the rider’s own church and the rest was contributed to the Trust to enable it to continue making grants for the maintenance and repair of churches in the county.

This year 220 churches took part compared with last year’s figure of 204. However the number of churches who had sponsored participants fell from 74 to 49. We appreciate those who were not able to open their churches or who did not have members who could take part but who, nevertheless, pinned the signup sheet on the church door, but we still need feet and wheels on the ground as this is how the money is raised.

In spite of the increase in the number of churches taking part there has once again been a marked reduction in the number of riders and striders taking part from 115 in 2015 to 97 in 2016. There was a corresponding fall in the number of visits from 1268 in 2015 to 1067 in 2015.

Martha Pudney

Four churches raised over £1,000 – Chilwell Christ Church, Inham Nook, St. Barnabas, Edingly, St. Giles and East Markham, St. John the Baptist. The number of riders who used Just Giving was encouraging. Riders/striders raised £3262 by this method. This was a considerable increase over last year’s figure of £1044 and clearly shows how efficient this method is for getting sponsorship.

There were 14 riders who struggled on through the downpours and visited 20 or more churches with the top prize going to Michael Woolley, Carlton, St. John Methodist and Andy Guy of Norwell, St. Laurence who both visited 34 churches. Particular mention must be made of the riders from Inham Nook who were riding in memory of Ray Woods, their previous contact person, who died during the year. Ray was motivator, encourager and “spurrer-on” of his riders for many years. He would have been delighted that one of his riders, Martha Pudney, aged only 7, cycled to 10 churches in the pouring rain. She received a special certificate from her church.

Robert Hill at Greasley church

Robert Hill from Greasley rode again-still fit enough to visit 15 churches at the age of 80. He was supported by his daughter and grandson who both rode. Between them they raised £360. Robert is representative of a goodly number of riders in their 70’s and 80’s who set off each year up hill and down dale-hoping for more of the latter than the former.

Derek Langdon

Derek Langdon cycled, along with his sister, on their pre-war tandem and they visited 14 churches. No aluminium and carbon fibre for them. Good old British steel.

We hope that you enjoyed the Ride+Stride this year. Please let us have your suggestions. comments or pictures. The date for 2017 is 9th September. Book it now! There is a distinct possibility that the weather will be fine. Have the sunblock ready.

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