St Bartholomew'sSt. Bartholomew’s church, Langford

Re-plastering and decoration (grant allocated in April 2007)

A grant of £8,500 was awarded to this church in April 2007 as a contribution towards the costs of stripping of unsound plaster, replastering and limewashing in the chancel, nave, south aisle and vestry. The project was the latest the church had undertaken as part of an overall restoration scheme which included work on several parts of the roof and completely rebuilding the east wall of the chancel. Churchwarden, Major Jeremy Steele, said that the grant from the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust made a huge difference because the plastering work, not being structural, was ineligible for grants from some other funders – and yet made a huge difference, not only to the internal appearance of the church, but also to the spirits of the clergy and congregation as it was the first stage of restoration that was actually visible.

Although there is yet more to be done – the next stage is to tackle the wood flooring under the pews – Major Steele said that everyone associated with St Bartholomew’s is very grateful to the Trust for its grant, and they feel the end of their massive restoration project is in sight.

St Bartholomew's
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