The repaired porch at Radcliffe-on-Trent.St. Mary’s, Radcliffe-on-Trent

St. Mary’s Church, Radcliffe-on-Trent was mainly rebuilt in 1879 and the roof over the west door porch is the only surviving roof with the original slates. However, little had been done to maintain it over the years, and due to nail tiredness, slates had slipped; the leadwork had also cracked, allowing ingress of water whenever it rained, which we later found had caused some of the timber supports to rot.

During 2011 a decision was made by the PCC to apply for a faculty to have the roof repaired and any broken slates replaced. After involving our church architect, three quotations were sought and, with his approval, we decided to go with the one which worked out to be the least expensive.

The whole porch roof was stripped of its slates, and the battens beneath and any rotten timber was made good. A layer of waterproof felt was then applied over existing timber, new battens fixed and the slates rehung.

We are very grateful to Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust for their grant which, with some fundraising and money from our rather depleted fabric fund, helped to pay for the work.

Martin Skeffington,


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