epperstone-churchHoly Cross Church, Epperstone

No one knows when the first church was built in Epperstone – the Domesday Record of 1086 speaks of a church and parson here – but the greater part of the present Holy Cross Church was built between 1390 and 1450. During the Quinquennial Inspection in 2011 it became evident that the mullions of the windows at belfry level were seriously eroded, as were sections of the masonry around.

With limited funds, like so many parishes, an appeal was launched to raise at least £10,000, linked to the Jubilee year with a number of community events. These events were very successful – a Jubilee Ball on 4th June contributed £2,000 – and it was good to see the involve-ment and support of so many parishioners.

The appeal was launched in March and Faculty obtained in April with work due to commence end July. With much of the fundraising happening well into the summer, it was important that the PCC felt confident enough of funds by May/June to authorise the building works to proceed. It was therefore of enormous help that Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust came forward early with an indication of financial assistance, eventually providing the magnificent sum of £5,000 through The National Churches Trust, for which Epperstone PCC are hugely grateful.

The repairs to the masonry were completed successfully in September at a final cost of £13,657 after reclaiming VAT on eligible works. Coincidentally, a separate small group of volunteers raised about £4,000 to refurbish the clock faces which was done at the same time. So although the essential masonry repairs are not immediately apparent from the ground, the clock tower looks much smarter with its smart, bright clock faces!

Patrick Helps
Treasurer of the PCC


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