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A big hello to everyone – looking ahead – to be exact the 11th September.

It will be time for the annual Ride & Stride event – well hopefully.

The virus caused so many problems last year causing churches to close and people to isolate. Let pray that it will soon be over and life can get back to normal for all of us.

Luckily when September came we were able to do some form of exercise and – although Churches were closed for visitors – it didn’t stop lots of our Churches taking part although in a much reduced capacity. The weather was very kind to the riders and striders last year so fingers crossed for this year.  Well Done to all who took part!

All the details will be put onto the web site in due course and churches who took part last year (and those known) will be asked if they wish to take part again.

If your Church is not aware of this event (and some are unfortunately) – and to find out what happens and how thing work please get in touch with the Ride & Stride Admin (Margaret) and she will help all she can.

Hopefully this year the ‘Meet and Greet’ (held at Winkburn Hall) will take place in July as normal. This is when participating churches are welcome to attend not only to meet members of the Trust but also to collect their R & S paperwork.  Food and drink is provided (and very tasty).

If you require further details contact the Ride + Stride Administrator (ml.info.nhct@gmail.com) or speak to Margaret direct on 07757 800919.