st-martins-sherwood-churchSt Martin’s church, Sherwood

St. Martin’s Church is a Grade 2 listed building in Sherwood, three miles to the north of Nottingham, which has just celebrated its 75th birthday.

The beauty of its interior, its versatility as a multi-purpose building, and its excellent facilities means that it is currently used not only for church-related activities but for a number of Diocesan and community events.

Over the years, the building has been well maintained but the constant torrential rains and driving winds of autumn 2012 brought unexpected problems to an area of flat roofing on one side of the church.

The asphalt upstand had failed on a parapet wall and water had therefore gathered underneath. With nowhere else to drain it leaked through the ceiling in a number of places affecting the kitchen, the crèche/office/activity room and all the disabled facilities. It severely hampered many of the activities that took place week by week.

Our architect advised us that we had a choice. We could patch the problem area but this would be temporary and would cause problems again and again over the years. Alternatively, we could re-roof with materials lasting many years. We felt we owed it to succeeding generations to choose the latter option at a cost of over £11,000.

As this was an emergency we were granted a Chancellor’s licence allowing immediate action, but we simply did not have the money to pay for such a repair. The grant of £1,200 made by the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust was a tremendous help, which, together with their support and encouragement, spurred us on to raise the rest of the money quickly and for the work to be carried out.

This is not the first time that we have benefited from a grant from the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust. We are truly grateful for the support they have given over many years.

Sylvia Griffiths


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